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Italian Food For Parties

We all love parties, especially parties with good food. If you are hosting a party, I am sure that it is your desire to provide your guests with the best and create nothing but good tales and happy smiles after the party. Since you have to choose your menu wisely, you need to settle on the perfect cuisine that is not only simple to prepare but also loved by many. You could prepare the food yourself with the help of friends or opt for Italian catering near me. If you are thinking of Italian cuisine, then you have chosen one of the best, if not the best, cuisines in the world. 
Italian cuisine has developed over centuries of various social and political changes to gain the respect it has today. It is noted for its regional diversity, influence abroad and of course, taste. The many pizza variants we enjoy every day, that espresso you might have had this morning or the spaghetti you had for dinner is a product of the vast collection of delicacies under Italian cuisine. For a cuisine that is famous for wine and cheese, cooks focus mainly on the quality of ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation. To keep up with this tradition, you might also consider choosing your ingredients wisely as you embark on preparing your Italian food. If you, however, choose a Italian catering near you, then you will need caterers who offer quality food.

To explore the two options, we will take a look at each of them and ensure you are more informed when preparing your party.

Preparing the food, yourself

There are numerous delicious Italian recipes that you can easily prepare, just like an Italian chef.

Focaccia pizza

Many people who have had focaccia pizza admit that it is indeed the best pizza they have ever had. Not so bad for a cuisine that is the mother to pizza. It so thick, chewy and topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella. The flavors that it comes with will excite anybody having it. Focaccia pizza has this unique texture; a combination of the thick and gooey cheese on top and the soft focaccia guaranteed to take you to pizza heaven. Preparation of focaccia pizza dough is not so different as compared to normal pizza but special attention is given to the types of ingredients you throw in and how long you let the dough sit. Since it is not your everyday meal, focaccia is a perfect choice when looking to impress your guests with Italian cuisine.


Also known as pan molle, Panzanella is a salad of bread and tomatoes. It is popular during summer and can, therefore, be a good choice if you are hosting your party during summer. Until the early 20th century, Panzanella was based on onions not tomatoes but the modern day Panzanella is made of stale bread soaked in water and squeezed dry. Additional ingredients are tomatoes, olives, mozzarella pepper among many others depending on your preference.

Spaghetti Puttanesca

Translated as “the style of the prostitutes”, the name of this dish might seem intriguing but it is so delicious, the origin of the name is the last thing one will think about after tasting it. This dish was invented in the early 20th century with the basic ingredients as tomatoes, olive oil, anchovies, olives, capers, garlic and dried spaghetti of course. The source for the spaghetti is known as sugo alla puttanesca but the recipes for preparing the dish vary depending on preference. Most caterers from Italian catering near me can prepare the source for you, which you can then use on your spaghetti.

Pollo alla cacciatora

Chicken, loved by many and so many ways to cook it. To go Italian, why not go with pollo alla cacciatora, also known as ‘Hunters chicken’. Its preparation is based on braising chicken in tomatoes or tomato sauce, wine or an amazing combination of both. The ingredients of this amazing dish are, however, not limited. You can add rosemary, mushrooms, garlic or pancetta.

Italian dishes are not only delicious but I find it really interesting and enjoyable just saying the names of the various dishes out loud. As much as preparing them is fun and interesting, you might find yourself with so many things to do as you prepare the party that you just need an outside caterer to do the work for you. You need an Italian catering near me who is reliable and competent in their work. You are giving your guest Italian cuisine, right? Then you need an outside caterer who will provide you with exquisite Italian food.

Some Italian Party Theme Ideas:

But how do you find and identify the best Italian Caterer?

The Internet

The internet has proven to be a very useful tool when you want to find almost anything. So why not an Italian caterer near you? Just by typing “Italian catering near me “on your browser, you can view the various caterer around your town, check out their website and even get their contacts. In some instances, you can even get rankings for the various service providers and then pick the one you deem best.

Or do a search in our database at

Check with local Chefs

Just like you would know of any good repairman for electronics from an electronics retailer, you can also know the best caterers from chefs themselves. You could interact with several chefs and enquire about catering service providers they would recommend to anyone. You could also look up blogs written by chefs and check if they recommend any good catering service providers.

Ask people who have held parties before

You could talk to friends or acquaintances who might have hired the services of caterers. You could ask them to recommend the cheapest but most effective caterer. Nobody would want to end up with a caterer that is not only late but also prepares bad food.
So, as you head out to host your next party, you are more informed about the best Italian dishes to prepare and how to get the best caterer if you opt for Italian cuisine.

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