Mexican Food

Finding The Best Mexican Style Catering

Nothing has the power to get people together like a good meal, or rather the promise of a good meal. When it’s Mexican food, it not only gets the people together but also puts them in the typical merry-making Mexican spirit. Mexican dishes will always stir conversations within your guests as they talk about the rich flavors, the rich culture behind them or even just how colorful the food is. Or could it be because Mexican dishes go so well with beer? Whatever the case, a Mexican catered party is always a happy party. If you are thinking about hosting guests for a birthday, wedding, graduation party or any other kind of event, you should seriously consider having Mexican caterers. Now you must be wondering how to find a good Mexican caterer. The question, “Who is the best Mexican catering near me?” must be on your mind. Don’t worry. We are here to help.

What to look for in a good Mexican food caterer


It goes without saying that the menu must be one hundred percent Mexican authentic. It should feature foods such as enchiladas, tacos, the all famous guacamole, quinoa, deserts such as churros etc. A Mexican catered party is also never complete without the all popular margarita. Be careful to get the real thing instead of the numerous recreations of Mexican cuisine that are out there nowadays. Mexican cuisine is so popular that it has been recreated the world over. To make sure that I was getting this right, I asked the Mexican catering near me if they had experience catering in Mexico. Turned out that they were actually Mexican!

There is a rich culture behind the Mexican cuisine. Part of this involves associating some dishes with festivals and symbolism. The Mexicans are especially big on cooking special dishes for festivals with cultural significance such as the day of the dead and tamale. In addition to the special dishes, how well the food is prepared has significance to the guests. Food that is well prepared, hence obviously tasty, shows that you value your guests hence took your time in preparing their food. Also consider the time of day before you can finally settle on the menu. If your party will be in the afternoon, for example, you can choose to have, mainly have finger foods such as tacos. A good Mexican food caterer should not only understand the food but also the culture. Question your potential caterer about some of these things to ensure that they know their stuff.

Experience in the business

In addition to understanding the food and the culture behind it, your caterer should also be a seasoned caterer. Remember that every party is different hence even the best of caterers might not have handled your type of event before. One of the things that I find especially challenging is the numbers. You need to make sure that your caterer has handled numbers close to those that you are expecting for your event. Estimate the approximate number of people whom you will be hosting then ask your caterer if they have cooked for a group as big as that one. You can also ask for specific references of clients whose parties had a population that is about the one that you are expecting. Talk to these references and ask them how the caterer handled aspects such as having everything ready on time and serving the guests. It would be a disaster if your caterer has very good food but they are not able to deal with other equally vital aspects such as ensuring that everything is available when it is needed. It takes a seasoned caterer to be able to get all these right.

What is included in their package?

Different caterers offer different packages. There are those who offer food catering only while others offer full party solutions including tents, chairs and anything else that you might need. Choose a nearby catering service based on your needs. For example, if you plan to have a small number of guests who can fit on your patio and you have enough chairs for them, you do not need a caterer who provides chairs. On the other hand, if you are holding your party in a large hall and your population is several hundred people, you might want to check with your caterer if they have enough capacity to take care of this population in all aspects including things such as décor.

How do I find the best Mexican caterer near me?

Now that you know what to look put for when scouting for a caterer, the next biggest headache becomes where do I find one near me? You do not want to spend a fortune bringing in a caterer from another state or town while there are others near you. We have a helpful tool to help find caterers. You only need to enter your location then the online search tool does the job of locating the caterer for you. After this, you can search the suggested caterers online and see how they are reviewed on sites such as YELP before physically going to their premises to judge them based on the factors explained above.

Good Mexican catering is akin to an art. The Mexican cuisine is so good that it replicas of it have been made the world over. Therefore, finding a good Mexican caterer takes a lot. Some of the points to remember when scouting for one are; ensuring that they deal in authentic Mexican cuisine, they understand the food and tradition and they are experienced in the business. Also, look for what they include in their package so that you make sure that every aspect of your party is covered. You can find a caterer near you by using our caterer finder. When you have found them, you can then judge them based on criteria of the factors given above.


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